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In today's Internet world, data has become one of the most valuable targets for hackers. They also sell some of the most sensitive and valuable data on the black market. As a result, cybersecurity has become a necessity and the only effective means of protecting businesses from these threats.

If any business wants to survive in today's competitive world, it must have a proper cybersecurity strategy.

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from problems such as hacking, phishing, and other cyber threats. 

Target of cyber attacks:

  • Unauthorized or illegal access to data: Gaining access to data in order to modify or delete the data.   
  • Blackmail: Threatening the victim in exchange for money by illegally gaining access to their personal and sensitive data.   
  • Harm a competitor's business: It is possible to harm a competitor's business by stealing trade secrets or other valuable information, such as intellectual property, that has significant value. Once these secrets are leaked to the public, they can lose their financial value and in turn affect the profitability of the organization.   
  • Business disruption: One of the goals of cyber attacks is to disrupt an organization's day-to-day business operations.   
  • Reputational damage: Sometimes organizations may face security breaches and although their impact would be minimal, they could damage the organization's reputation among the public.

#1 Cyber Security Solutions

Businesses and organizations can reap significant benefits if they incorporate cybersecurity into their strategy. Whether it's reducing downtime, minimizing security costs, or preventing cyberattacks, cybersecurity can do this and more.

Protection for workstations - computers, laptops, mobile devices

 Protection for servers - file, mail, SharePoint, Gateway, Virtualization

Centralized administration - local or cloud console, Remote Monitoring & Management(RMM) plugins, Direct Endpoint Management(DEM) plugins

 Analysis of attacks and threats - Endpoint Detection & Response, Cloud sandbox analysis

 Data Security – Encryption, backup and recovery, Data Loss Prevention(DLP)

Cloud Security - Protection of Cloud applications for business

 Authentication - Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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