Display type – Graphic tablet SKEDU H16

The main advantage of "Graphics Tablet" type displays is the fact that drawing on its surface is almost identical to drawing on paper. 

It is designed for drawing, signing, designing, for the classroom, the office.

You work as usual and watch every change and detail in real time on the tablet screen as it transforms your design or artwork into digital format.

This handy gadget acts as both an input device and a monitor, and a real-time preview of what you're working on can speed up your workflow.

Electromagnetic technology, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, accurate tracking, adjustable stand for convenient and comfortable operation.





Display resolution

1920 х 1080

Display surface

Tempered, anti-reflective glass




250 cd/m2

Reaction time

14 ms

Angle of view


In/Out interfaces

1хHDMI, 1хUSB-C, 1xPower

Life of the LED backlight

15,000 hours

Interactive "touch" technology

  • Electromagnetic - resonance method, pressure sensitivity, no batteries, wireless
  • Resolution – 5080 LPI
  • Pressure sensitivity – 8192 levels
  • Tracking Speed – 266 PPS
  • Accuracy - ±0.3mm/0.01 inch (at center)±1mm (periphery)
  • Recognizable pen tilt – 600

Buttons for quick access to functionalities

Integrated into the frame of the display - 7 buttons and a "Joystick" with the possibility of choosing the functionality of each of the buttons

Standard functionalities – Undo, Erase, Hand, 

Scroll Up/Scroll Down/PS Step Forward/PS Step Backward/Increase Brush Size/Decrease Brush Size, Zoom BOX, Shift, Ctrl, Alt


Passive, with a stand built into the display frame and a table stand

Table standv

With the possibility of adjusting the slope - 150 – 850, with option for - not removable

Power supply

External adapter – 12V/3A

Compatible operating systems

Windows 7/8/10(32/64bit), Mac OS 10.4 or higher