"Digital Backpack"

As part of the "Digital Backpack" Consortium and as an official partner of MOZAIK for Bulgaria, "KESIEM" EOOD aims to popularize mozaBook among teachers in the country by conducting trainings on programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

TRAINING Access to the electronic platform is provided through student and teacher accounts at @edu.mon.bg and parent registration in the National Electronic Information System for preschool and school education.



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Each user of the "Digital Backpack" has access to the full range of content available in the Library, as well as that available in the MOZAIK section:

In the library, the content is separated by classes and subjects for quick and easy navigation.

The large database of digital content in the Mozaik menu (videos, 3D models and animations) is accessible via the @edu.mon.bg accounts. MozaBook licenses are provided free of charge by the Ministry of Education and Culture within the framework of the project for the entire educational system.


part of the MES platform "Digital Backpack"

The software is part of the MES "Digital Backpack" platform, and since the beginning of the current academic year, licenses for it have been provided to all teachers and students.

KESIEM EOOD is the official representative of Mozaik and mozaBook for Bulgaria. Our company participates in the implementation of "Digital Backpack", as an integrator of two of the main modules included in the project:

– Module for creating interactive learning content – mozaBook;

– Module for visualization of interactive learning content – mozaWeb.

Our lecturers are certified at the highest level and can offer you quality training, an individual approach and flexibility in the organization of trainings!

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