Interactive floors and walls

onEVO – interactive floor

  • System type - All-in-one, integrated - multimedia projector, computer module and motion sensor
  • Management (control) - through movement of hands and feet and remote control
  • 100 games in the basic package in Bulgarian, unlimited license
  • Ability to create user content
  • Option to purchase additional game packs
  • Menu with favorite games, pausing games
  • Brightness - 3200 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast -  13,000:1
  • Image size – 10 square meters at a projection of 3.5 meters high
  • Light source warranty – 4,000 hours
  • Built-in speakers - 2 x 15W (stereo)
  • Network Connectivity - Integrated - LAN RJ45, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • In/Out ports – 2 x USB3.0
  • Accessories - adjustable ceiling mount stand - 90mm, 400-500mm


iSandBOX – sandbox with augmented reality

iSandBOX is an innovative system that complements traditional sand play with augmented reality.

iSandBOX turns the sand surface into a colorful interactive 3D play area that reacts to the player's every movement. Our interactive sandbox animates and enriches the sand play experience. The sandbox allows players to play and learn in a universe that they build and shape with their own hands. iSandBOX is especially suitable for studying topography and geography: contour lines, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, etc.



Many children's centers, elementary schools and science museums use our augmented reality sandbox as a great educational tool.


Powered by augmented reality, iSandBOX provides endless entertainment options for kids, including games and creativity modes.

Exhibitions / Presentations

Thanks to its simple design and great visualization capabilities, our augmented reality sandbox is a phenomenal tool for presentations.

Therapy / rehabilitation

Our augmented reality sandbox is a great tool for sand play – a therapeutic method that facilitates the psyche's natural ability to heal itself.


The Basic Modes software package contains modes for studying geography, topography, flora, fauna and other natural phenomena, objects and concepts. This 16 mode pack is included with every iSandBOX and is available for free.

For your interactive sandboxes, we also offer several additional modes that can be purchased at an additional cost.