KESIEM EOOD offered consulting services to its clients seeking guidance, opportunities and solutions related to the construction of STEM centers. Our company has extensive experience and specialist knowledge to help schools with professional advice and assistance in making informed decisions and achieving concrete results.

Consulting goes through all phases of the process from the idea to the realization, through the application with submission of a concept to the delivery of equipment and service support of the technique. For this purpose, an analysis of the existing physical environment, the specific needs of the educational institution according to its profile, selection of IT technologies, which will subsequently be integrated into the school STEM Center.

Our education experts offer a wide range of services:


KESIEM EOOD offers the development of concepts and idea projects, according to the requirements of the National STEM Center and the provisions of the Ministry of Interior, including architectural layout, interior layout and 3D renderings;

IT consulting

Our IT consultants develop information technology solutions to help school leaders optimize their technology infrastructure, streamline processes, make hardware selections, implement software solutions, improve cyber security measures and align IT strategies with goals them;

Legal advice

Legal consultants provide advice and guidance on legal issues, agreements and tender procedures, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Financial consulting

KESIEM EOOD assists with financial planning, develops budgets and offers advice on managing funds.

Our consulting services include a collaborative approach where we engage with our clients through analysis, research and development of individual solutions, depending on the client's specific needs and goals.

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