KESIEM EOOD offers to its customers from the system of pre-school and school education /principals, teachers and pedagogical specialists/ training on programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, entered in the IROPPC Qualification Information Register. They aim to increase training and qualification them and to improve by acquiring new competences.

Our programs for education are consistent with the requirements of Ordinance No. 15 of 22.07.2019 about the status and professional development of teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists. 

In terms of content, our training programs are aimed at:

  • application of innovative forms and methods of teaching as part of the educational process;
  •  implementation and use of ICT resources in education.

Depending on their capabilities and preferences, our training programs are offered in the following forms of training:

  • fully present;
  • partially present;
  • online.


PROGRAM "The use of electronic resources - available technical means and interactive platforms for online and distance learning"

The program corresponds to the need to improve the digital competences of teachers, development of skills for creating complementary learning content and more effective presentation of learning material, through specialized interactive software platforms and hardware devices. Includes the following training modules, each with 16 lessons. o'clock: 

 Introduction of interactive platforms in the educational process and formation of skills for working with electronic resources. Current interactive platforms designed for education and the possibilities for their integration into the learning process are presented; 

Creation of interactive educational presentations using specialized software. Includes practical work with interactive applications and their integration into educational presentations; 

Improving the educational process - virtual classroom. Includes learning ways to share resources and use personal digital devices for learning. purposes; 

Creation of laboratory exercises in a virtual environment. Scientific observations and measurements are carried out using a computer - in the classroom, at home or in nature. Looking at science and nature from a new perspective makes the study of natural sciences interesting and provokes students' creative thinking; 

Practical applications of ICT in the natural sciences. Real-time, simple science experiments and the use of sensors, data loggers and analysis software provide project-based multimedia learning.

part of the MES platform "Digital Backpack"

The software is part of the MES "Digital Backpack" platform, and since the beginning of the current academic year, licenses for it have been provided to all teachers and students.

KESIEM EOOD is the official representative of Mozaik and mozaBook for Bulgaria. Our company participates in the implementation of "Digital Backpack", as an integrator of two of the main modules included in the project:

– Module for creating interactive learning content – mozaBook;

– Module for visualization of interactive learning content – mozaWeb.

Our lecturers are certified at the highest level and can offer you quality training, an individual approach and flexibility in the organization of trainings!

"Designing and Programming Embedded Systems Using ARDUINO Microcontrollers and Building Peripheral Modules".

The program aims to promote interest in digital science and introduce learners to basic hardware and software technologies. The course acquires knowledge and skills for creating various automated and robotic devices and systems with a variety of practical applications based on ARDUINO microcontrollers. The course contains twenty model building labs with case solutions included. 

With the approval of the Ministry of Education and Culture, we are adding another training program for pedagogical specialists to the portfolio of KESIEM services! As of today, we organize groups of learners on the topic: "Design and programming of embedded systems using ARDUINO microcontrollers and construction of peripheral modules" with the acquisition of 1 qualification credit!

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