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Invention is much more than the eureka moment. Invention is a mindset that includes collaboration, practical application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), creative problem solving, entrepreneurship and understanding that moments of failure are necessary on the road to success.

7 SU Kuzman Shapkarev – Blagoevgrad

Complete reconstruction of part of the school space, through the construction of a STEM center and the allocation of three technologically modern classrooms for physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and natural sciences.

PMG Acad. Ivan Gyuzelev – Gabrovo

The innovative STEM center offers its graduates a state-of-the-art learning base combining technologies and tools for practical and experimental activity. The center is implemented with funds from the program for "Building a school STEM environment" and ensures the efforts of the high school in recent years to create modern conditions and introduce innovative teaching methods.

SU Ivan Vazov – Pleven

STEM Center for Natural Sciences, Research and Innovation "Professor Minko Balkanski". Impressive classrooms in physics and astronomy, mathematics and robotics. Colors play a very important role in the design of each of the labs – red dominates the world of physics, and orange dominates the amazing math room. In each of the laboratories, interactive pictures related to the subject of study are visualized on electronic displays, and 3D hologram projectors are located on the walls in front of and in each classroom.

SU Vasil Levski – Troyan

Beautiful workspaces, comfortable workplaces with a light and elegant connection between them. Corners for relaxation and even... for sports. Lots of greenery and light.

81 SU Victor Yugo - Sofia

STEM Center "Without Borders", financed under the NP "STEM" of the MES


PROJECT "Delivery and implementation of a unified electronic platform for educational services and content (EEPOUS) and modules to it"

As part of the CONSORTIUM DIGITAL RANITSA DZZD, KEISIEM EOOD completed the implementation of activities 1, 2 and 3 under contract D03-7/07.04.2022, concluded with the Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia, under an order with the subject "Delivery and implementation of a single electronic platform for educational services and content (EEPS) and modules to it'.

Within the terms of the contract – 3.10.2022, the following was delivered:

  • interactive digital learning content creation module licenses that provide reliable access to services and content for a minimum of 100,000 teachers and experts,
  • interactive digital learning content visualization module licenses that provide reliable access to services and content for a minimum of 1,000,000 students and 100,000 teachers and experts,
  • Провеждане на обучение на групи от 100 лица, посочени от Възложителя

PROJECT "Education for Tomorrow"

Delivery of 2000 pcs. interactive displays "Vestel, 65IFX" with additional hardware - miniPC K5 under project BG05M2OP001-2.012-0001 "Education for tomorrow", financed by Operational program "Science and education for intelligent growth" 2014-2020. In accordance with the technical proposal, KEISIEM EOOD carried out delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, warranty service of the delivered technological equipment.

PROJECT "Equal access to school education in crisis conditions"

Implementation of the Contract with the Contracting Authority MES, under project BG05M2OP001-5.001-0001 "Equal access to school education in crisis conditions", financed by the Operational Program "Science and Education for Intelligent Growth", co-financed by the European Union through the European Structural and Investment Funds

  • Tablet – Type 1 total 5,000 pcs.;
  • Tablet – Type 2 total 15,000 pcs.;
  • Tablet – Type 3 total 10,000 pcs. Tablet – Type 3;
  • Universal cabinets for charging tablets, a total of 2,500 pcs.;


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