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A teacher from "Ioan Exarch Bulgarian" Secondary School received the "Konstantin Velichkov" award of the Ministry of Education and Culture

The English teacher Lina Milcheva Yanbastieva-Petrova from the "Yoan Exarch Bulgarian" SU in Shumen received the "Konstantin Velichkov" award. It is awarded annually for high results achieved in professional activity and for contribution to the development of Bulgarian education on the occasion of November 1 - the Day of the People's Awakeners. The ceremony was held today in the building of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Bulgarian teachers in various categories are honored with the award. Lina Yanbastieva-Petrova received the prize in the category "Contribution to the development of the abilities and competences of children and students in the field of science, technology, arts, sports, global, civic and health education and acquisition of leadership skills".

Lina Yanbastieva-Petrova participated in the initiation and implementation of numerous educational, international and national projects and programs. He is the author of a number of publications in the field of the application of modern technologies in foreign language teaching. From 2022, he is a full-time doctoral student at "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski" SHU with the topic of his dissertation work "Using digital resources created by the teacher in developing the ability to read in English". Since this year, she is part of the team for adaptation and development of educational resources included in the "Digital Backpack" for online education at As a certified “mozaLearn ICT Expert”, she trains teachers to work with the educational presentation software mozaBook.

The management of "Ioan Exarch Bulgarian" SU explained that Mrs. Yanbastieva-Petrova made a significant contribution to shaping the modern appearance of "Ioan Exarch Bulgarian" SU. Its innovative educational activity is aimed at creating interdisciplinary lessons in English, with the aim of developing the digital competences of students, building their ecological and civic education.

"The award is the result of the many years of highly professional work of Mrs. Yanbastieva-Petrova as an innovative teacher and a modern wake-up call. Lina is the daughter of Adelina Ljubenova Peneva, associate at the BAS, teacher at the Humanities High School, and Prof. Dr. Milcho Ivanov Yanbastiev, head of the biophotonics laboratory at the Institute of Kinetics and Catalysis of the BAS. Her childhood is connected with her grandmother Blagovesta Peneva, the well-known history teacher from the Technical College of Economics. Lina Yanbastieva-Petrova continues the family tradition, and the present award is another page of the family's educational memory. She deserves this award for her professionalism. Its height is supported by the love of its students and the respect of its colleagues," added the management of the SU "Ioan Exarch Bulgarian".