Programmable STEAM controller and data logger


Xploris, our latest offering is a complete STEAM solution - data logger, programmable control and art, providing a unique STEAM learning platform.

Equipped with 4 built-in sensors, full color pixelated display, programmable outputs and a suite of 5 software applications for sensor readings, measurement data recording, output control, programming and art. 

Xploris is the first true all-in-one STEAM solution.



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Xploris does it all:

– Scientific experiments using its five built-in sensors.

– Programming, using Blockly and Python languages.

– Engineering, through the ability to manage various control outputs.

– Art, via the built-in color display, to create pixelated images/animations.

– Mathematics, with various operations exercises. 

Xploris offers students an integrated end-to-end STEAM experience. From creating a pixelated animation of a flower to implementing programming code that makes the flower open its leaves when sunlight hits the built-in light sensor.

XploriLab - software

Designed with the latest Google Flutter platform - XploriLab consolidates 5 different software modules to provide an integrated STEAM application to k-6 students. Young students will take their first steps in scientific research using the sensor module, while older students will use the data logger for collection and overall analysis. Since programming is the new way of literacy, it is important that young students have experience creating basic block-based software. Subsequently, this will help improve Python programming, as both tools are part of the XploriLab programming module. With the programming and control modules, students can make full use of the Xploris outputs to work with small robots, lamps and other devices, while with the art module they can demonstrate their creativity in creating colorful images and animations.